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A special cultural highlight, the Ulm Cathedral is only 20km away in the city of Ulm.

Numerous caves such as the Tiefenhöhle in Laichingen or the Hohle Fels near Schelklingen.

Carriage Museum

 (2 km distance)

The interesting Carriage Museum in Bühlenhausen is always worth a visit. Numerous carriages, sleighs, wagons and various other vehicles from the non-motorised era can be marvelled at there while listening to historical stories told by Mr Fried.

Blaubeuren Monastery 

 (8 km distance)

The showpiece of the monastery church is the late Gothic, double-winged high altar. The cloister, fountain chapel, cloister garden and church are open to visitors to the Benedictine monastery, which is over 900 years old. The high altar and choir stalls, which are among the most important works of late Gothic art in southern Germany, are widely known.

Prehistoric Museum 

 (8 km distance)

In the Prehistoric Museum in Blaubeuren, Ice Age life on the edge of the Swabian Alb comes alive. Visitors learn how skilful and inventive people were 40,000 years ago. In the treasure chambers of Ice Age art, exciting originals open up a new kind of access to the culture of the Ice Age. 

Laichingen Deep Cave

 (9 km distance)

The Laichinger Deep Cave is the deepest show cave and the only accessible shaft cave in Germany. Huge shafts with a depth of up to 55 m and large halls exert a special attraction on visitors during a 45-minute tour of the cave. The adjacent cave museum in the rest house answers questions about the karst and its history.

Hollow rock 

 (13 km distance)

Der Hohle Fels zählt seit Juli 2017 zum Weltkulturerbe der UNESCO. Er liegt im Achtal bei Schelklingen und ist eine der größten Hallenhöhlen der Schwäbischen Alb. Seit der ersten Großgrabung im Jahre 1870 ist die Höhle als bedeutende archäologische Fundstelle in Fachkreisen bekannt. Der wohl bedeutendste Fund ist die „Venus vom Hohle Fels“ – die älteste Figur einer Frau sowie die älteste Menschendarstellung der Welt. 

Ulm Cathedral

 (22 km distance)

The cathedral is considered the largest Protestant church in Germany. It is best known for its tower, which at 161.53m has the reputation of being the highest church tower in the world.

Those who can climb the 768 steps have a breathtaking view of the historic old town of Ulm.

Beuren Open-Air Museum

 (38 km distance)

Immerse yourself in the past of the rural region. The 25 original buildings in the Beuren Open-Air Museum convey an interesting range of stories from everyday village life in times gone by. They were moved here from various villages in the Middle Neckar region and the Swabian Alb.

Lichtenstein Castle

 (50 km distance)

Lichtenstein Castle is also known as the 'fairytale castle of Württemberg', as its architectural style and furnishings are reminiscent of the Romantic period. Thus, it sees itself as a homage to the Middle Ages. The castle grounds include the Gerobau, the chapel, an extensive castle garden and the romantic castle courtyard.

Sporty active/nature

Sporty active / Nature:

The Swabian Alb offers many opportunities for active sports in all seasons. Let yourself be surprised by the wide range of activities on offer. Whether cycling, hiking, climbing, swimming, canoeing or other activities - there is something for everyone. Let yourself be inspired by our route suggestions or visit natural sights such as the Blautopf in Blaubeuren and combine this with a cycling or hiking tour.


There are many reasons to plan your next hiking trip in the Swabian Alb. In Bad Urach, five circular hiking trails have been designated as premium hiking trails and, last but not least, the classic Albsteigebenfalls a quality trail that is now one of the Top Trails of Germany.


Especially the higher altitudes of the Swabian Alb are a paradise for runners and recreational athletes in the summertime. Exercise in nature is possible right from the front door of our hotel. Do you already know the Berghüler Hülenpfad, for example?

You can find jogging routes

here >>


Use our modern, in-house e-bikes (link) and explore the cycling routes in the surrounding area.

Over 600 kilometres of well-maintained cycle paths lead through magnificent landscapes. The Swabian Alb offers something for every cyclist, the sporty rider as well as the nature-loving cyclist who takes time to take in the little things along the way. 


Would you like to really let off some steam? For a small fee, a tennis court is available in our community. 

Winter sports

The Swabian Alb offers cross-country skiers from near and far fantastic tours and a wide, attractive range of well-tracked and groomed trails. All winter sports enthusiasts will get their money's worth here.

Blautopf Blaubeuren

(8 km distance)

The Blautopf in Blaubeuren is the 

second most water-rich karst spring in all of Germany. The Blautopf is famous for its deep blue colour. Depending on the incidence of light, it is created by a physical effect in combination with the lime particles in the water. The uniquely beautiful location of the Blautopf surrounded by rocky landscape in combination with the colour and depth of the water make it one of the most popular excursion destinations in the Swabian Alb.


(35 km distance)

The Lauter in the large Lauter Valley offers a unique canoeing experience. There is something new to discover around every corner. On the way between Buttenhausen and Indelhausen, the river meanders through meadows and meadows. Rapids and small waterfalls turn the canoe tour into a little adventure.

Urach Waterfall

(37 km distance)

The Urach Waterfall is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Swabian Alb and is a natural highlight. The water plunges almost 40 metres from the Hochweise waterfall over the Albtuff edge into the depths. What makes the UracherWasserfall so unique are the different perspectives from which you can observe the natural spectacle.

Family fun

When parents and children are happy, the holiday is a success. Here in the Swabian Alb there are numerous exciting attractions for children of all ages. From the pony farm and fairytale park for the very young, to the climbing forest for young and old, to the go-kart track for the somewhat older ones. 

There is also something for animal lovers to see in the zoo in Ulm or you can visit one of the amusement parks such as Legoland in Günzburg. The children will definitely not get bored here.

Pony farm and fairytale park

 (6 km distance)

On the circular trail past 13 different fairytale houses, you will experience stories of small and big fairytale heroes. The 20 well-maintained ponies carry your children on a 1.5 km long circular trail through the beautiful landscape of the Swabian Alb. There is lots of fun here for children from 2 to 10 years.

Laichingen Climbing Forest 

 (9 km distance)

The climbing forest in Laichingen is a real natural highlight. From treetop to treetop at heights of up to 16 metres, you can experience recreational fun for young and old.298 elements await you on 17 courses, from the ropeway to the wobbly bridge to the Tarzan rope. From the age of 5, even the youngest can explore the forest from a completely different perspective, either independently or with their parents.

Bad Blau 

 (15 km distance)

In Bad Blau, big and small water rats can experience all kinds of adventures at 650 m.

The family pool has an indoor and outdoor area. Here, children can let off steam in the adventure pool, children's pool or on the 80m long pool, while parents relax in the whirlpool, textile steam bath or in the 33 degree warm Solevital pool.

Adventure Golf Westernheim 

 (16 km distance)

Die moderne Version des Minigolfs ist ein Spaß für Kinder, Freunde oder die ganze Familie. Sie spielen zwischen Felsen und Bäumen, überwinden Wasserhindernisse und schlagen auf eine Entfernung von bis zu 30 Metern. Minigolf war gestern, heute spielt man Adventure Golf.

Summer bobsleigh run Donnstetten

 (19 km distance)

Here you can toboggan down the mountain at up to 40 km/h, fun for the whole family.

The all-season bobsleigh run provides an adventurous ride with many steep curves and waves on a stretch of almost 1.2 kilometres that you won't soon forget.

Go Karting Neu-Ulm 

 (23 km distance)

ater fun is pre-programmed on the track with a driving speed of up to 50 km/h. With the ultra-modern and powerful electric karts, both experienced e-kart professionals and beginners get their money's worth and fill up on adrenaline instead of petrol. Children 10 years of age and a minimum height of 1.45 m are allowed to drive with a children's kart driving licence.


 (25 km distance)

Nestled in the green landscape of the Friedrichsau recreation area, the zoo offers hours of variety with the fascinating animal world of our planet. All kinds of animals can be seen in the terrariums, aquariums, tropical house and open-air grounds. From bears, pot-bellied pigs, crocodiles and lizards to fish, amphibians and a variety of birds.


 (55 km distance)

With over 50 attractions and thousands of models made of more than 55 million LEGO bricks, the amusement park offers a unique experience for families with children aged two to twelve. The amusement park in Bavaria has eight different themed worlds - a unique paradise for young pirates, treasure hunters, explorers, knights and friends of roller coasters.

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